I like building stuff.

My Passion: Creating great products and experiences.

25 year veteran of creative product design, innovation and team leadership.

Rare combination of user-centered design, engineering and brand acumen.

Experience driving Cartography, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, User Interface Design, and creative problem solving focused on building outstanding consumer experiences and cloud connected SW platforms. Extensive automotive platform design experience engaged with key auto brand leadership.  Asian manufacturing and supplier experience. Competent with electrical and SW engineering peers. A passionate and compelling presenter with extensive media, analyst and launch experience - an asset for marketing.

Sustainability:  Our house won the San Mateo County Green Building Award in 2009.

This site is an in progress portfolio of great team projects and work I've been involved with.  I care about attribution and it's important to recognise that almost everything I have done is the shared authorship working with inspired people.


You can reach me on linkedin or at Peterskillmandesign@gmail.com.