Updated Outlook Web
Coming Soon
Show reminders on top of other windows
Time zones
IOS Refresh for Outlook!
Swipe Actions Craftsmanship
outlook mentions.jpeg
Quick RSVP's
Swipe Animation with Haptics
IOS Refresh
IOS Refresh Work
IOS Refresh Overview
Time to leave
Month View!
Android Landscape View for Calendar
Skype now supported by Alexa!
Simplicity and familiarity—updates to the Skype user experience
Simplicity on Desktop
Windows Taskbar Calendar
Edge Browser support for Website pinning
Modern Look and Feel
New Share UI
My People as an "object" direct on the Taskbar
Making Action Centre Richer
Expanded Notifications
RS2 Visuals for Action Centre
Quick Action Customization
Integration of Fluent Word in Shell
Tablet Mode All Apps List
Themes in the store
Download a game from the Windows Store, and you’ll now see a progress bar.
New Color Picker
Pick Up Where You Left Off
Tablet Mode Update for All Apps List
Taskbar Badging Update in RS2 Action Center
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